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No More Prednisone!!!


Sports Crohnie
Today was my last day. Couldn't wait to chuck the empty bottle. Good riddance. 9 months of that nasty stuff. Never again I hope.
Congrats!! It's such a good feeling! I came off pred about 2 months ago and finally feel like myself again.

Wishing you all the best!
w00t Fen and everyone else close to getting off that heinous drug. Short of you will die without it .. I will refuse to ever take it again.
i still have 6 weeks of prednisone and I cant wait. I'm tired of waking up at 5 in the morning in a pool of sweat. anybody else have this problem? i just read that taking the pills early in the morning will help reduce this... but its so annoying and my boyfriend sleeps so soundly i can't wake him up to change the sheets or anything.
and the mood swings! i'm like a loose cannon! i guess it makes life interesting but the smallest things will set me off.
although i do feel better otherwise!
i can't say i hate it completely though this is the first time i've ever felt relief.

this is also my third time taking prednisone it seems odd that it wasn't nearly this effective both times previous, and i was on longer doses. but hey, i'm not complaining!!


mhm i have the night sweat prob to, its terrible! but i have one week left, im on 10mgs now for this week, will be done sunday!!!wo0t!! i have the mood swings to, theres one of my friends who fidgits and breaths really loudlyy and i have to refrain myself from shanking him lol it annoys me to no end, but when im not on the preds i dun even notice it. hm oh well!
wow i must be really lucky, i was only on that shit for a little more then a month.... and i gained like 10 pounds in that month too good luck to all your guys and good job fenway