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No more remission :(

So, I've been on 125mg aza since late april... Started going into remission around the beginning of June,i think. It was a nice month. ANYWAYS, I started feeling yucky around the time exams started. My doc told me it was probably anxiety because I had missed so much time, didn't want to fail, etc. Her recommendation was to not give a shit, because I was graduating. So, I did that, graduated honors (after missing nine weeks ;] ) and did not get better. Just kept getting worse. Here I am again, needing to see my doc. I can't call him until tomorrow, for some senseless reason, and I doubt his bi*** secretary will give me an appt. I'm going away at the end of august, and starting uni in september. I don't want to be sick for them both. Yeah. [/RANT]


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I'm sorry to hear this, that's very frustrating to flare up again after only a month of remission. I hope when you call the doctor tomorrow that he has some answers for you or can get you in for an appointment quickly and get things under control again soon.


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What kind of treatment is that? "Hey man, just stop stressing yourself out." That's not medicine, that's crap! Sure reducing stress is a great idea but everything in life is stressful and it can't all be avoided. Plus isn't that allowing the disease to control you? Screw that! I hope you get better treatment soon. I was in a major flare at the end of high school and wound up having a resection before I went to college. Had I not had that resection the disease would have controlled my schooling even more and I would have never been able to get into grad school (my grades were terrible when I was sick). Smack some sense into your doctor and let them know that you plan on going to college and there's gonna be stress and that you'd prefer some actual medication to put you back into remission.
By aza, I'm assuming you mean azathioprine? It's my understanding that that is a maintnence drug, not a drug to induce remission. I agree with crabby, you need to be on different, better medication. I'm so sorry you're starting to flare again after just a month, but I definitely know what you're going through. I think I'm starting to flare again too. But I'm on alot of drugs to put me into remission. They're working, just like yours did, but I think they're either losing effectiveness or the disease is getting more severe.

You should be able to get an appointment with your dr, that's bullshit if you can't. His receptionist can bite a dick if she doesn't give you one. She's not the one who's sick, you are. Make sure she knows that. And once you do see your dr, make sure he hears you and takes you seriously. I'm so sick of reading on here how drs aren't satisfying peoples medical needs. Like, holy crap, do your job! I'm generally willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, as they are the ones who went to medical school, not me. But when it starts to effect peoples quality of life and health, I draw the line. You get the help you need, and go to university as a healthy, happy person. Not a stressed out, sick one. You deserve better than that. We all do.
Thanks guys! I'm going to give my doc a call today, so long as I can work up the courage to talk to his bitch secretary...

You should be able to get an appointment with your dr, that's bullshit if you can't. His receptionist can bite a dick if she doesn't give you one.
Yeah I mean it could be as simple as increasing your dose of aza or combining it with another med. They really should see you if your condition gets worse. My doctor will phone me at home if I have any issues, and he will squeeze me in if my symptoms are severe. He is the best GI anyone could ever have.