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No one seems to know whats wrong.. Help!

Hi everyone,
My name is Emily and I'm currently 20 years old. One night I suddenly couldn't sleep due to horrible body sweats and that following morning if I ate I'd get sick. After all failed attempts nothing was working so I went to the ER and they sent me home because they couldn't find anything wrong. I knew something was wrong with me and I needed to know. That following day I went back and refused to leave without knowing what was wrong with me. 24 hours later they diagnosed me with crohns disease (Ileitis).

Medications: Azathioprine, Budesonide, Remicade,

HISTORY: Hyperhidrosis since age 12 and in May 2012 I had ETS surgery for my hands because no medications or any type of therapy was working for my sweating. After my surgery my hands were completely normal - No sweating!
HELP! Ever since the first night of my body sweats that I mentioned above, they wont go away! My Hyperhidrosis only affected my hands and feet before this one night. But right before my diagnosis with crohns it affected my whole body (armpits, groin, legs, chest, back). My body temperature never seems stable now. I sweat through my clothes having to change often. My house doctor sent me to a endocrinologist who ran tests and nothing came back. He was puzzled and is now having me do a 24 hour urine collection. I started all my crohns medications post to this sweating. My father passed away from non hodgkin's lymphoma is that could deal with anything.. My Dermatologist, Gastroenterologst, and Endocrinologist have no idea... I thought posting in this would get others thought as to what this might be.

I'm new to this forum so sorry if there is confusion!
Thanks! :smile:
Hi Emily sorry to hear of all the problems your having. I'm glad you went back to the ER and stayed until they found out what was wrong to some degree. I had the night sweats when I was on high doses of prednisone. I can't offer much more at this time but wish you all the luck in finding your answers.
Hi Emily! Just as the previous post by mwkwmn I sweat horribly day and night while on prednisone. I hate it!! If you are not on prednisone I understand your frustration and concern/fear of not knowing. Im sorry I dont have any advice other than dont give up on getting an answer if you are not well! Wish you all the best!
Hi Emily,
Kudos to you for sticking to your guns until you got diagnosed. I get night sweats too, a few times a week. I thought perhaps it was perimenopausal (I'm 40) but my NP thinks it's tied into the Crohn's. It sucks to wake up soaked in sweat from head to foot! I don't have them during the day though. Perhaps since you already had a predisposition for it, it triggered during the day also? I can understand how embarrassing and uncomfortable it would be to have that problem. I know you are frustrated. Hang in there, maybe as your body adjusts to the medication it will get better.
Hello Emily,

Sorry to hear that your having this trouble, I know how unpleasant it can be :( I'm a bit like mccindy in that I have night sweats which I don't know if it's my age (44! wow how did that happen?) when not on pred, I've had to get up and change sometimes, I do sometimes have sweats during the day too. It seems that it is related to the Crohns and just something I have to put up with.

I'm sorry that this is not particularly helpful but hopefully others on here will be able to offer some suggestions, in the meantime take care and best wishes. :ghug: