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No power no water no heat. Ready to jump off a bridge.

A tree fell on my car, another on my shed, and another came within 2 inches of crashing through the baby's nursery window.

I drove the car out from under the tree and luckily it has little or no damage.

My father in law loaned us a generator but gave me TERRIBLE advice about how to hook it up, so the generator is fried and possibly also my internal power lines, some of which cannot be accessed to be serviced without literally tearing the house down.


Wow! That's terrible, hun. I'm so sorry that you are going through such a terrifying ordeal. 3 trees?!! I'm glad your baby is safe. :hug:

Do you have family that you could stay with until things get under control again? Hang in there.
We'll probably send Sarah to stay with my mother in law but we need to keep the woodstove going at home or else we'll lose pipes (and my fish tank, which is like my zen garden and keeps me sane, as stupid as it sounds that I'm trying to save it.)


That doesn't sound stupid at all! I love fish and any other sort of animal. We need to have a place that helps us feel comfort, and if that place involves your fish, by all means, take care of those babies.

I'm glad you have a plan for Sarah. The sweet girl needs to be as stress-free as possible. How is her current health? What about you? Are you hangin' in there?

Sending lots of big squishy hugs your way...

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My heart goes out to all those who suffered loss and near misses, I can fathom some, but that was the start of us having a generator, easy electric start. So far I haven had to do it, but we did and had a major state of emergency flooding a couple of years back. We were extremely lucky. Sending hugs too!
Well we got a generator and with that and my father in law's advice, destroyed the generator and probably my power lines. I had an incandescent light bulb in the basement glowing from HEAT.
Sending the girls to mother in law's with my wife. I'll stay home tonight and every night until this is over and keep the fire going. Should be fun all alone in the dark on Prednisone every night for a week or more.


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Aww Muppet,
So sorry you are going through such a terrible upheaval.
Hope you have a battery or windup radio to help you through the dark nights.
Is your house isolated or are there some neighbours who could help you ?
It's great that you were actually able to drive the car from under the fallen tree.
Quite a feat.And you still have your lovely fish.
I feel for you and hope you will soon be back to normal.
Hugs and best wishes
I wish you guys lived near me I could look after ya. Hope the girls and your wife are ok.
and you Muppet take care, stay warm and I pray this all gets sorted real soon for you.
Gwen xxx


London, UK
Sorry you're having such a hard time muppet, you're well deserving of a break! Hope you get one soon.

I'm glad your family have somewhere to go but make sure you look after yourself as best you can. How're your symptoms on the Pred? This sheer stress of all this can't be helping so as impossible as it is do your best to stay as calm and stress-free as you can (I'm not one to talk though, I have a fuse an inch long!). Really hope things are on the up before too long :).
Thanks guys. The pred makes me even weepier and more prone to sentiment than I am normally. It also makes my temper worse. Not good to be on it during this. My girls are all gone and it's a HUGE deal even though I'll see them tomorrow. I brought the baby's nightlight downstairs to sleep with while I tend the woodstove.


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South Northants

is the toilet safe???? are you okay for a loo?

omg, what rotten luck. sounds disastrous. somehow there ought to be a thread where we could all donate a quid or dollar to anothers cause. not a lot, but every little helps. keep watching those fish. i love them too. house too small for a tank and four cats otherwise i'd have some
Flushing with buckets for now but the only reason I had water for that was the reservoir of lab water I keep for my fish, which is now nearly dry. After that, I guess I can haul buckets of tap from the neighbor's.
At least I've got heat. :) The girls are at my mother in law's. I'm just manning the woodstove, when I'm not at work. I'm hoping the house stays relatively warm in my absence today.
Muppet, still no power up there? I was in PA over the weekend, it was coming down. I truly hope your electrical systems are not done in. Keep warm and stay level.
Good luck,
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We've still got no power but I was able to borrow money from family to have a generator hooked up so that we have water and toilets and I can heat my dumb fish tank and the house.

We can turn the TV on now, too. Hopefully I won't run out of fuel or money before the power comes back up. :)

Yesterday the outage count in my town was CLIMBING instead of falling, but my wife reports seeing 6 trucks in our neighborhood, convening at the naval base. Hopefully they're going to work here and aren't just in town for a pow-wow.


I'm so glad your family is helping you out. It's good to have the tv, too. It may take your mind to a non-prednisone place.
My wife's family is wonderful and even though they can ill afford to help, they help anyway.

MY family is miserable and awful and made my Crohn's so much worse with their politics and dysfunction throughout my young life and even though they're very well off, wouldn't help if I was bleeding in a ditch.

SO... thank goodness for my wife's family.

Wait that probably sounded bitter, huh?

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I dont know how you can cope Muppet. People don't realize what it is like. We didn't have a food freezer when our hydro went out for 24 hours but when that happened once, that was it, my husband went out and got a Generator and I was able to do lots. We have a woodstove too so the house was warm. Everything we have is energy efficient so we could run alot off it. Hope you get connected soon. How where you able to be on the internet this whole time?

I have a smartphone because I'm in IT. It's kept me sane through Irene and now this. Sitting in a dark house alone isn't quite as bad with the internet.

It's a big relief to have the girls back home even though the power situation is still not ideal.
Power is back on!!!

Now I have about 8 trees to chainsaw. The out of state crew that removed my oak from the lines left me a mess I'll have to hire a guy for, and I don't even have my mortgage payment after the storm costs, so I don't know how I'll do that. Tree work is expensive in CT ($1500-2000 per tree).

My neighbor's tree which was also on the lines was not only removed from the lines by the power compnay's crew but also chopped, chipped, and swept away. No such luck at my house, so he must have slipped them a hundred or something, dunno.


YAY!!!!! I am so happy that your power is on so soon! Reading that made my day!!!

The trees will certainly be a lot of work. Good luck on that one, Muppet! :hug:


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Hi Muppet,
Glad you have some power again.
Could you not request equal treatment from the power company to remove those trees?
As a disabled person (Crohns) there must be help somewhere for you.
That power crew has some explaining to do!
Hope your fish are bearing up under the strain.
Hugs and best wishes
My fish survived :)

No there's no assistance with yard maintenance for me. And there's no prayer of anybody at the power company or the civil court (even if I could afford to sue) giving a crap about "equal treatment" from power line crews.


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That's good your fish are ok.
Its too bad that there is no one to help with those trees.
I live in southern Ontario so its too far to come and help, but I would if I could.Hope
something turns up for you.
Hugs and best wishes
That's sweet of you. Things will be fine. We have the lion's share of bad luck it seems, but things work out in the end, or have so far.