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No side effects?

The first time I was on prednisone I had classic side effects. However, the last time and this time I haven't. I started at 40mg and had some anxiety/insomnia and heartburn/bloating but now that I'm down to 30mg I don't really have any side effects- or at least not more than mild insomnia and heartburn/bloating. I know sometimes when people wean they get the side effects but last time I had none the entire time of weaning. I'm obviously grateful for this but wonder if it means something is wrong? The steroids seem to work fine... I just worry it says something about my body if I don't get the major side effects! Anyone else experience this?

my little penguin

Staff member
Ds has been on Pred three times
Each time was different
Some more side effects and some less than nothing
I would worry about it