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No support im lost

hey guys. ranting and raving due to my current situation. im bitter. i live with my 2 fiends, which im grateful for thm letting me stay here,husband,and my beautiful 4 yr old. my husband and i are having a rocky time hes been causing alot of stress lately. ive been flaring for awhile.this year has been full of stress. i came down with a cold last week turning into bronchitis which is making my flare alot worse. they wont go outside to smoke even though they see me having severe asthma attacks and its causing more d. my husband wont help us try to get our own place as he can be lazy play video games not help with our girl and they all drink and try to get me to and call me lame cause i say no even though i explained to them how it can and will affect me crohns pancreatitis. im so fatigued tired bones muscles hurting. i dont have family as they just think im faking specially when i get out the hospital and on pred cause it gives me so much energy. i feel like maybe im being selfish for wanting help. ive always been a mother hen and take care of ppl.. i have to do all my chores, listen to loud music,listen to a bunch of bitching and get no rest. they bitch to me about thier little aches and pains and im sympathetic and listen and try to help. i have no place to go.anfeel im about to snap. i feel sorry for my daughter most of all she is so sweet. she pats me on the back and says i love you mommy. shes used to seeing me strong and all i can manage to do now is cry. just had to get this off my chest before i go completely insane.:ybatty:


Stay strong and work with your medical team to figure out a solution in the hopes you can pull yourself out of this mess. When you talk to your husband do you speak about the situation like you do here? It's important to be frank and honest so he understands your relationship and lifestyle are hurting.
hiya thanks for replying. i do express to him quite often how i feel. how i just want a better life for our girl. he doesnt want to hear me gripe about my illnesses. everyone has aches and pains he says. when im well i never complain i just go on and live. im allergic to most of the crohns meds and waiting for insurance to pick back up. i just dont know what to do.


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It doesn't sound like the best situation to be sick in.You sound like you need some extra support to me.Have a look on the Support Group thread,and see if there is one in your area.We have a "Vent" thread on here,so feel free to have a good moan,that's what it's there for.And sometimes,when you read others vents,your own doesn't seem so bad.I hope today is a better day for you.Best Wishes.


Which crohn's meds have you tried? Have you explored clinical trials? You get money for them and don't pay a thing. There might be one that can help you.

If your husband doesn't let you speak much about your illness you found the right place. We are here to support you.
Me time! Are you far from the public library? Whether you go alone or with your daughter it is a wonderful relaxing get away in a allergy free environment. They usually have a play area as well and you don't have to battle elements.

Play dates with other mothers and daughters. Be it at a park or in their homes. You can meet them at the library story times or through church or other civic groups. Just explain you are just starting out in the area and staying with friends and can't host but really want to participate socially for your daughter. A pastor or Sunday school teacher could introduce you or may have programs available if you want to go that route.

Assisted Living centers. Adopt a grandma or grandpa. Go visit and play games or listen to old stories. Some can play a mean game of Go Fish!
thank you guys. noguts ive tried prednisone,pentasa,asacol, cipro, flaygl,6mp,entocort,cimzia, remicade,morphine,zophran and sulfa drugs. im allergic to all of them and more. my sensitivty to medicine is horrible. the worst reactions being serum sickness and pancreatitis. im reluctant to take any meds including tylenol due to the severity of the reactions. i have lots of health issues but it would be potentially beneficial to look into clinical trials. and aunty em i could definately use me time. thank you. i was taking kung fu class until i had neck surgery. good news!! my husband is trying to get us out. i had to find a better way to communicate. it will get better. a hard life has made me stronger. thank you!


While the medications are all similar the make up is different so its worth possibly looking into Humira and/or Imuran or Azathioprine which you did not place on your failed meds list.

There are also novel approaches and trials that aren't medication per se such as herbal therapy and whip worms and if you are sensitive those may be good.

I'd also suggest you look into Low Dose Naltrexone. Many on the forum swear by it.