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Nocturnal BMs

So it's 4am and I've had 3BMs in the last hour plus a hypo and now I feel awful :( (oh and hot flushes just to put the icing on the cake).

Sorry for moaning, everyone else here sleeping, no-one to talk to. Thanks for reading.
So sorry you are going through this. It is truly rubbish!
There is something much worse about it all happening at night too, when everyone else is asleep and theres nothing to do.
I hope you have a better night tonight!
Thanks for replies :) I'm scared to take anything in case I get bunged up, I'm hoping for some good shut eye tonight. I think you're right having to get up when everyone is snoring does make it harder, it appears to be something I will just have to get used to......for now anyway.
I can't believe it, your good wishes must have worked coz I slept all night, haven't done that in a long time,,,,thank you :ghug:
Having them at night is frustrating. I get woken up a few times a night with them but have got used to it. Probably would sleep much better and have more energy throughout the day if I didn't wake up so much but I guess I can live with that.
To get rid of staying up at night constantly going to the bathroom I used to take a dose of Immodium before bed. I must say that Immodium is truely IBD and IBS suffer's best friend. It really helps when you want to go out and do something and you don't want to worry about having an accident. I hope this helps! :)
Thanks for your replies it has really helped having your good wishes. Sleep didn't happen again last night but it wasn't as bad. The tiredness I get through the day it postively annoying, it makes me not want to do things and I'm pretty concerned about going out. I have certain places I will go happily (coz I know where the loo is :) ), but other than that I just stay home. Reckon I need to push myself more coz I could end up being a hermit.

I might as my GI about introducing imodium, I know it's great stuff from using it before, thanks.