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Nocturnal Diarrhea

The latest symptom... nocturnal diarrhea. DS is exhausted and missing school today to catch up on sleep. Any suggestions on getting through this until we get in to his GI?
Sorry don't have any advise but wanted to send hugs! I hope you get it taken care of soon, I know it has to really wear him out.
Any chance on moving up his appointment??

Until then... anything you can do to limit stress (if he's stressed about school - make it a non-issue, that was a big one for my son..)

That has always been my son's symptom when he has a flare - it's such a drag because it is exhausting being up all night on top of being exhausted with the diarrhea and other symptoms
We just let him relax, didn't push him to go to school all day and let him 'nap' in the afternoon if he could.
Hope this doesn't last long for you guys!
Well, he ended up going to school the last half of the day. He slept in and woke up and said he felt fine. The school nurse told us he's cleared for "late starts" for this week and next.

We still don't have an appointment yet, but were told we can get squeezed in Monday if needed. In the meantime we're doing every poop test under the sun today and tomorrow. Cultures, c diff, fecal cal, etc. They want to rule out infection before declaring this a flare and starting Remicade. Hopefully we'll have most of the results by Monday.

Have you ever wondered if you should try some of the wacky advice on the Internet? I just read that eating one marshmallow before bed can sometimes help. Supposedly the marshmallow slows digestion down. Things that make you go, "Hmmm". Wasn't that a song?

Sorry, getting a little loopy here. Need. More. Sleep.
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Sorry, have no advice but I hope he has a better night tonight! :ghug:

And... if he likes marshmallows, well... I've never read anyone needed to avoid them! Give it a shot! :lol:
Have you ever wondered if you should try some of the wacky advice on the Internet?
I tried everything before my daughter was first dx.
One night i was reading that pomegranate juice was good to stop diarrhea so i went looking for it at 9pm.:yfaint:..and no it didn't work.

I hope the marshmallow works.