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Noisy Stoma


what do I do about the flappy rippy sound my stoma makes? Is it gas? It used to be silent but now it is loud..

is it something im eating or not eating?

Ok, I do have a pepsi or a coke now and then, could it be the carbonated water? but then that wouldnt make sense either becasue I had iced tea and still had the rippy sound..


Skippy, stomas make alot of noise sometimes. Carbonated beverages dont help! Newer stomas make alot more noise. For the first 5 months or so. Sometimes longer.

But just press your hand over you stoma if it's being particularly loud and your with people or in public. I've learned to sort of cross my arms over Stan sitting or standing for a quick suppression method. But then again...Stan is a proper little shit. Never noisy unless in front of crowd.
Ugh. My stoma is a total li'l [email protected]#!rd as well. It can sound like the 'bullfrog orchestra' playing a symphony, and usually in a meeting or something. And sometimes, it doesn't matter what I eat: broccoli, cheese, beans and lentils, and chicken seem to be the worst culprits. . Mine is often quite croaky in the morning. And if I'm in an important meeting. Or in a quiet library. Or on the bus. In a coffee shop. Standing in line near someone cute. Etc. Grrr.

As Misty says, you can muffle the noise by putting your hand over it. If people do hear it, I try to pretend that I must be hungry 'cause my tummy is making all kinds of grumbling noises. People seem to nod understandingly, although look at me just a tad queerly.

hey 2th!! My ostomy is named BOB too!! because he"BOBS" up and down.

I originally named it Phil the bag but then I started dating a guy (now my husband) Phil so whenever I'd tell my BFFS that Phil was acting up or really ticking me off they'd be like "WHICH PHIL are you talking about?" so I had to give it a different name because of that and out of respect for my wonderful husband. :)
My husband named mine. He said it looked like a clown nose... a clown trying to escape out of my stomach. That combined with all of the farts and squeaks at the most unfortunate moments ended with my husband naming mine Sideshow Bob. :)


Just slap him! No, really, I have this happen all the time and I could seriously kill Stan. I have to put my hand or arm over him at all times in meetings. He can be good as gold until I'm in a meeting and then he has to be 'a Ham'.

Do you guys ever find that holding your hand on it just still doesn't quite do the trick? God especially in the movies! The more air and poop in the bag the harder it is to muffle the sound! Omg most embarrassing but funny thing happened not long ago! My boyfriends dad let a big one rip and his mum was mortified and told him off. Two minutes mater mr stomy decides to let a cracker off. And one of those unexpected ones ya know? No time to disguise it... And I apologized but she was like no no that's fine... Bahaha!
I went to my three year old daughter's pre-school parent meeting yesterday. We were all in the hall listening to the head teacher talk about the school etc... and it was extremely quiet, but for her speaking. I had this horrible feeling that my stoma was going to sound off. I could literally feel myself tense up and start fidgeting. It got to the point whereby I wasn't even really paying attention to the talk, I was absolutely preoccupied with my stoma.

Thankfully it didn't go off and my wife said after that she felt my unease and was ready to cough, should it make a noise. This is going to sound melodramatic, but I have experienced a few leaks, a couple that have been in the most embarrassing circumstances. Yet I feel almost more nervous of having my stoma make a loud noise in a quiet setting, than having a leak. I would love to go the the theatre and watch a non-musical, but I know I would spend my whole time worrying about the stoma making a noise.

The irony is, it doesn't even hardly make a sound, but the fear of it, is what bothers me.
[lotte26]Do you guys ever find that holding your hand on it just still doesn't quite do the trick?
Agreed. In my experience it has actually made it worse. If you don't correctly cover your stoma, it makes a tunnel for the noise to be even louder :lol2:
The stoma stifler--interesting product. I especially like that it provides protection. Thanks for the link, Michelle.
Thank you all for your comments, Turns out part of the problem was due to the Prolapsed state which I had surgury for on the 17th.
Do you guys ever find that holding your hand on it just still doesn't quite do the trick? God especially in the movies! The more air and poop in the bag the harder it is to muffle the sound!
Holding my hand on it only makes it worse. Movies? :eek:
After watching the news today, I think I will start investing in Netflix or getting the DVD's

I found that the bags with the carbon filters in them work well for keeping it from inflating like a balloon.. the problem was with the smell, that right there was an indication of a problem but I must have skipped that page on the discharge instructions.:yfaint: