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Normal colonoscopy biopsies?


I recently had a colonoscopy, and although everything appeared normal, they still decided to take biopsies. However, those all returned normal as well.

And I'm still highly confused, as the last time I was biopsied three years ago by another doctor, all of them were consistent with crohns disease? Has this happened to anyone else; even while still having symptoms? :frown:

Does this possibly mean I don't actually have crohns? Even if I have all of the inflammation markers currently in both my blood, and stool samples? And inflammation was visibly seen last time on last colonoscopy, MRI, and pill cam?

Not to mention the doctor that did my colonoscopy said it's highly likely I don't have Crohn's at all...

If anyone could give their insight, I would really appreciate it. It would be wonderful news if I didn't actually have it - but after two very different scopes and results, I'm just confused.
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It may depend on the areas chosen for biopsy...it does not rule out crohns
It can depend on the skills of the endoscopist.
If you are receiving treatment for the crohns,the scopes could also show it is the right therapy for you.
It is not an exact science...we cannot expect it to be but the odds are in our favour of reasonably accurate results.
When you see the GI again ask the questions that concern you...any good doc will take the time to explain these things.
Feel better soon
Since you are having symptoms, and there are markers of inflammation in your labs, it makes me wonder if there could be a problem higher in the digestive tract than a colonoscopy reaches? Is the doctor planning to do more testing? Like an MRI or endoscopy?
My colonoscopies have all been normal except got my first one, many years ago. My Dr here in Texas was wavering on my Dx a few months ago. My scope was "normal". I asked him if he was able to reach the point that my two CT scans showed the CD, he said no he couldn't get that high. I have had two CT scans and 2 SBS. All at different locations, read by different
Radiologists and all have found the CD in the same spot. Very frustrating!

When I went to the Crohns/Colitis clinic at UCLA they said ALL tests can be negative for CD and you can still have it.

I hope you find answers soon and feel better soon


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I would change this doctor right away. If you had biopsies and colonoscopy revealing Crohn's in the past, these did not lie unfortunately. You currently have inflammatory marker for calprotectine (stool test) and blood reports and this new doctor does not want to investigate furthermore? You could have investigation in the small bowel for instance. was the colonoscopy completed properly up until the terminal ileum? I would go right away to another doctor for another opinion. Also it would be good for you to find your medical reports of your diagnosis so that you are taken seriously when you see any new doctors. I know doctors like to form there own opinion on new patients, but this situation seems really lacking in responsibility and professionalism telling you most likely dont not have CD with the proof evidence you have from the past. Wishing you well.