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Normal fecal cal & clean colonoscopy

But I still have lower right sided pain and intermittent diarrhea alternating with constipation. It’s so frustrating!!!!! My stomach is SO loud and bowel movements can be extremely urgent and unpredictable. I have negative bloodwork for celiac disease and my doctor is writing it off as IBS. Is it possible that it could still be Crohn’s, but higher up where a colonoscopy can’t see? Did anyone else have similar test results, but Crohn’s higher up???
San Diego
Same here. I had normal CEA, normal fecal calproectin, little to no diarrhea, and a clean colonoscopy. But I also had lower right quadrant pain, intermittent fevers and eventually severe anemia. The Crohn's lesions were finally spotted in the ileum by capsule camera endoscopy.