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Normal Labs, Bleeding for 3 months

Hi, everyone - thanks in advance for your response. I have been actively bleeding each time I use the restroom for the last 3 months & one month of budesonide had no effect. Labs this week showed up "normal", but my symptoms beyond bleeding (not fun to see!) include periodic cramping and a lot of fatigue. The dr. has ordered a colonoscopy next week. Anyone have experience with active Crohn's flare, but normal labs? Or bleeding ongoing for such a long duration?
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Yep! My daughter is a chronic bleeder. Her H&H is almost always low end of normal but most recently was spot on normal. No clue how this could be given what she was experiencing in the toilet, her high cal protection level and her scope that showed such severe inflammation that they started talking colectomy. Odd. I think the body just eventually learns to make up for the bleeding.

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Yes this happens to me. Im glad you are getting a colonoscopy next week. maybe the disease is located in the lower part of the colon and/or rectum where budesonide is not best option.