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Normal to be on Pentasa for Crohn's?

My understanding of Pentasa is that it works topically, and that it's not recommended for either inducing or maintaining remission. I believe I was initially told it had anti-cancer properties. Is that a normal reason to be on it?
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Pentasa is a better drug for UC than it is for Crohn's - for the reasons you mentioned: Works only on the surface layer of the gut and does not address the deep-seated inflammation of Crohn's. And the more recent publications have shown that this drug is really no better than placebo at treating Crohn's. But neverthless, for many docs it remains a commonly prescribed first drug to try - the first step in the "step-up" therapeutic process of tryng the cheaper, milder drugs first before moving up to the stronger and more expensive ones. So in that sense it is "normal," if perhaps regrettable, to be put on Pentasa.

More modern "top down" therapy of giving strong drugs first shows that you get a better outcome in the long run compared to the "step-up" approach. but unfortunately not all docs, and especially not all insurance companies, are on board with that.

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So way back when (11 years ago ) my kiddo had a “working dx of crohns “ at the age of 7
His Gi placed him on Pentasa only
Since we were getting a second opinion at another hospital the Gi didn’t want to muddy any test the 2nd opinion doc wanted .
We were told at the time
Pentasa is about as useful for crohns as giving aspirin for a brain tumor
But so mild it’s not going to help much but won’t hurt either .
2nd opinion doc stressed Pentasa if it will work does does so in 30 days
My kiddo it did NOTHING
And he got sicker over 30 days
At the time I knew none of this and was throughly upset at both docs
Higher level meds come with risks yes
But so do lower levels drugs and at least the effectiveness is much greater for higher level drugs

my kiddo started biologics at age 8 -remicade after a year of stepping up on drugs (now almost 18) and hasn’t looked back
He currently takes Stelara plus mtx .
Thanks for the replies. I'm actually on biologics too. I just wondered about the benefits of being on Pentasa simultaneously. As you say though, it's mild... so maybe there's not much reason to question it.