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Norovirus on top of flare!!!

Just spent 2 days in hospital AGAIN this time for rehydration mainly cos I got noro on top of a flare that was manageable at home.... I was so sick, my GP called an ambulance and by the time I reached hospital I was shocked.

I'm just so so sick of being sick atm, I should be celebrating passing exams this weekend and instead I've been hooked to an IV in a hospital bed :-( I just want all this to go away!!!!!!

Still loose, but thats normal for me these days, at least I'm not going 30 times anymore (yeah Im serious, 30 times the other day and I vomited 5 times too)..... Just so so so fed up of being ill. I really want to go out today but I guess it's not sensible. Sorry for whinging, its just all my friends are out celebrating and having fun and I'm just in and out of hospital with scars all over my hands and arms from cannulas..... :-(


Ugh norovirus too!? :ywow:

Only one thing to say...things can only get better?? I think norovirus and crohns flares can get confused sometimes.

Hope you feel on top of your game ASAP!

Awh don't apologize. You are having a rough time! I hope you feel better soon. Nice work on those exams.
Thanks guys, yeah im pretty sure it was noro on top of crohns, I was in the middle of a flare anyways then my boyfriend and I both got d and v on top.... but cos of my crohns i was hit much harder and wound up in hospital whereas he was only a bit ill and coped well at home. I think the noro is passing now, but Im still left with the crohns and so terrified Im gonna end up badly dehydrated and in hospital again.... just trying to drink as much as i can.......
I HATE crohns!! Before I had this I could handle a simple noro fine.... but these days I cant believe how sick I get!!!