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Not a nice one....

Well, there isn't many nice topics with our illness is there?
Here goes, Recently my D has come back with a vengeance, although only going max 5 times a day but it is as bad as it was when I was hospitalised in a flare.... (In terms of the 'looooseness' urgh hate that word.
When I, um..... wipe, there is blood on the paper. (Not a lot, I don't want to seem like I am being dramatic) It isn't a lot, and I have inspected the area and there is no soreness or cuts or anything.
So any ideas what it is?
Just out of curiosity more than anything?
It's literally just a bit more than spots? and I'm not in any Abd pain or anything would it still be advised?
Absolutely. I used to get that all the time. Just little spots and it was due to severe active disease that I had no idea was active at the time. I'm not trying to scare you but better safe than sorry. If there is bad active disease in there it would be best to catch it early.
I too have CD in the terminal ileum, I too have suddenly started to have severe watery D and urgency, and I too am finding occasional spots or small smears of blood. No pain, which is confusing as pain is a "normal" symptom for me. I do have a GI appt next week and I'm assuming he's going to set up a colonoscopy. Fun days ahead.

However, I've had bleeding in the past that was determined to be the acid in D causing my internal hemorrhoids to bleed. So, it could be something like that. Not that you want to put off a visit to your doc. Better safe than sorry.

JennaRae, was your newly active disease still in your ileum and causing the blood? I was wondering about that, if the blood would still be bright pink/red if it came all the way from the ileum.
I would most definitely get in or at least call and chat about it with the doc. I have many levels of blood, ranging from black to bright red in severe flare. Pain is a norm tho, live daily at a 4 but some days hit 8-9 and can't move well or stand. Best of luck to you! Muah-hugs-
JennaRae, was your newly active disease still in your ileum and causing the blood? I was wondering about that, if the blood would still be bright pink/red if it came all the way from the ileum.

Yes it was but it was also in my large intestine so it's hard to say for sure where it came from but doc was convinced it came from ileum because of the huge bleeding ulcers in there.
It does indicate active inflammation. Best to get a handle on it sooner rather than allow it to do damage.

eek, I hate colonoscopies :( they always come at bad times, I start a 6 week placement for uni which is observed and important! stupid effing colon!
I have had similar type blood... Mine ended up being a fissure. Do you have pain with bowel movements? I had a bought of bad diarrhea which lead to the fissure, there was no pain at first, but then later whoa boy! Could also be a hemerroid. I'm no doc, so of course see one, but if he thinks its either of those I can offer you some tips! : )
This may sound gross, but its what the doc would do anyways... You can try gently to feel inside. Fissures beginning feel like a line of scarring that goes up (very weird) and it just feels different from the rest.... I learned this when he had me using the medication I had to use after being told I had one. Hemorrhoids you may or may be able not feel, but sometimes you can see them... Again, I am not a doc, but have dealt with lots of bumm issues lately.
I have hemorrhoids, and I never knew it. I did have some blood just when wiping, but no pain or anything like that. When I had my colonoscopy last week, he said I did have some. I had no idea! It could be that, but you should still talk to your doc about it if it is persistent.