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Not gaining weight on Remicade

Hi all,

I started taking Remicade 4 months back so far it gave me good results but I am not gaining weight at all. I lost almost 20lbs when I was sick. I am also getting light join pains. Any suggestions or any experiences please share. Thank you in advance
Are you getting enough calories? If your digestive tract is functioning better, you should be gaining weight. My son was eating very much after he started his Remicade and put on much needed weight. Once he was at a good weight, his eating slowed down and he is eating normally and maintaining his optimum weight as he is absorbing the nutrients properly. Are you hungry? Do you have a good appetite and how are you eating? Have you had any blood tests to see if everything checks out? You might need an adjustment to your dosage.

my little penguin

Staff member
Have you tried semi elemental formula (peptide ,modulen, peptamen) depending on which country you are in ?
Diseased intestine can have trouble absorbing nutrients as can intestine with scar tissue
Inflammation raising the amount of calories required
Ds drank extra shakes of peptamen jr (he was 7 at the time )
Some do 6-8 weeks of formula only to help boast remicade
Others just add a few shakes plus normal meals to boost calories
Please talk to your Gi to let them know

Ds did it for years
He is now 16 and a normal weight
Good luck