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Not happy with doctor

bit of background...
diagnosed Crohn's Colitis 2012. Lialda since diagnosis. Started Humira 2019. Injections every 2 weeks.

most recent Colonoscopy feb 3rd = inflammation reduced from any of my other scopes. 2 sessile serrated polyps removed (had another one removed 3 yrs ago).

post scope recovery AWFUL. lots of bleeding and horrible pain, diarrhea, etc etc. This has happened before following scopes. The GI doc takes A LOT of biopsies...i think 30 this last time. The whole prep and scope just takes a big toll on me.

I have needed Budesonide since feb 8th and responded very well. Symptoms gone, even my joint pain has reduced so much.

Fecal Calprotectin (during recovery) was 3900 which was no surprise. CRP and ESR raised as expected but nothing scary. The previous FC was 8 back in September.

Humira levels at the moment are 9.4 and no antibodies so both within therapeutic range.

So the Dr has said numerous times that he wants me on weekly Humira. His reasoning is that I had a flare. He denies it was anything to do with the scope.

I refused at this time, I offered to repeat the FC and see how I go.

He wasn't receptive to my request for a nutrition referral (I am trying to choose anti-inflammatory foods).

Anyway, I just feel like we are on different pages. I don't want to jump into weekly injections at the moment, is that reasonable?

my little penguin

Staff member
If your not happy with your current Gi
Please get a second opinion with a Gi at a different hospital
Most have a minor flare after a scope
(Diarrhea for a day )
But not a full flare and fecal cal over 3900
My kiddo was on humira at once a week for a while then every 5 days Fir a while
Hope the second opinion helps