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Not so new to this...



Hi there. My name is Tracy. I'm a 36 year old woman from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

I was diagnosed with Crohn's colitis in June of 1994 (wow, almost 12 years ago). I've had 3 really bad flares in that time. The first one was the absolute worst - I lost 40 pounds in about 3 weeks, lost a lot of blood and most of my iron stores in the process, developed arthritis in the ankles, sores all over my mouth and nether regions, had erythema nodosum all over my lower legs. Thankfully, once I was diagnosed, the drugs I was given to treat the disease worked very quickly (Asacol and prednisone), and I was in remission within three months of diagnosis. The second and third flares both occurred because I, in my infinite wisdom, thought I could stop taking the Asacol and remain healthy - I was wrong. With each subsequent flare, I was put back on the prednisone as well as 8 tabs of Asacol per day, and had a tougher time achieving a remission (weaning off the prednisone was more difficult each time).

I am not currently in remission, but am currently able to manage my disease with 4 tabs Asacol per day and frequent intake of loperamide. It's been grumbling for about the last year and a half - I hope I get to see another remission. If I shoud actually flare again, I'll have to try something other than prednisone, as I've recently developed slightly higher than normal blood sugars, so predisone is no longer an option for me, as it really boosts blood sugars in susceptible patients.

I've been very lucky in that my disease has really only affected my colon and terminal ileum. Although I've been told as of my last colonoscopy that the terminal ileum has narrowed considerably due to scarring, and surgery may definitely be in the not too distant future for me.

So that's my story... I've learned scads from reading various forums and newsgroups about available treatments, and have discovered that I'm very, very lucky compared to many crohns sufferers out there. I just take it day by day, and try to keep smiling.


Hey Tracey, Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you hear.
It sounds like you have a lot of experience with Crohn's/Colitis. I think you have a great attitude and I hope you get to see another remission soon!

Keep Smiling ;):D


Hi Smiley! I love your spirit and energy! We're glad to have you here and hope you'll stay awhile and come back often. I look forward to chatting and getting to know you better.

I'm smiling, are you? :D


Mama Crohnie
Hi Smiley, nice to meet you. I love your attitude, and also agree that living day to day is the best, and only way to live our lifes. Stressing over stuff...is just not in the cards for our condition. You are among a great bunch of people and friends. Thanks for sharing your story.


Hi Tracy
:welcome: hope to see you around posting