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Not sure if dr.s know what they are talking about

I had a bowel obstruction for threr years due to massive scAR TISSUE CUTTING MY INTESTINES IN HALF. THE DOCTORS AND E. R. ACUSSED ME OF JUST DRUG SEEKING SO i lived in pain. Finally I got a good dr at e. .r that was the first to order a, ct scan. I went into emergency surgery and lost 18 in, of small. Bowel. Now 10 years later I Am right bCk at square one with the dr. S. They know I have several obstfuctions but all disagree on the treatment. I am on steriods, stelAra and lialda. Plus diet and exercices meditation etc. Baylor colledge of medicine in houston clAIMS SURGERY ASAP AFTER THE STERIODS HAVE A WEEK TO LESSON THE INFLAMATION. THE OTHER TEAMS OF DR. S JUST DONT SEEM CONSERNED AT ALL. IF YHEY OPERATE I EILL HAVE TO LIVE WITH A Bag and feedimg tube. No chance of reconnection. I need a miracle and I belive in GOD most high to intervene. Im still here for His purpose. Amen. Any advice greatly appreciated.


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Hi Cupitom,

Welcome to the forum. I can't even begin to understand how hard that must be for you and your loved ones. I'm very sorry that you are struggling like this. I also believe in God and I will pray for you. I'm here for moral support, pm's are fine too.

Best wishes,



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Hello Cupitom,
Sorry to hear of your dire situation and hope it will calm down a bit with medication.
Hopefully when the surgeons take a look things may not be so bad.
Lots of prayers for you.