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Not sure

not sure

Not sure whats considered remission ? Talked to doctor on phone breifly he asked how I was doing . Told him two days ago had some normal bm for the first time in year and a half yet very painful , but yesterday and today more like paste and runny also my attacks are way less . still hard to control if restroom isnt right there. is all this normal for day 8 on 40mg of pred. oh ya also told him passing very very smelly gas nonstop. Forgot to ask if these heat flashes are normal and its so hard to concentrate . typeing this is so hard so far its about a half hour and im still trying to finish this thread. anyhow Doctor said he was going to call in some cipro and to finish the week with pred, than every 10 days go down 5mg . and make an appointment end of feb. early March. don't know what to do or ask . reading lots of threads sounds like lots go on other meds after this for matenis whatever my brain doesn't want to match up with my thoughts dam sort of lost a lot of memory. by the way hubbys being mean what a butthead . It might be just me.


Punctuation Impaired
Your post made me giggle...My hubby is always a butthead when I'm on Prednisone....I think it is a side effect of the med! LOL....Seriously though, Prednisone can cause you to have emotional roller coaster rides. Highs and lows are common. So are hot flashes....
Sorry to hear your troubles, I guess remission is the point when you are only have 2-4 BMs a day, pains are generally very mild if exsistant at all, and much of the "I have to go and I have to go NOW!" feeling is gone. I briefly had this a few weeks ago and I guess its kind of like the saying you know your in love when your in love....theres another more accurate one but this isn't the over 18 section haha. Anyway best of luck with your meds and I hope you start feeling better on them sooner than later.
Thank you for responding. Just got back for pharm. she said I was on a slow taper is that true. Hope this cipro works too don't want c-def ever again. plus I hope I get soild stools again soon . oh ya my eyes are very blurry and it fells weird like a funny presure around eyes is that also normal.
5mg down every ten days seems about average. I have dropped as much as 20 at a time. Depends on starting dose. Going from 40-35 in 10 days is not much, but going from 15-10 always seemed to be more noticeable to me.

Good luck with the Cipro. I had bad luck with that stuff last year.