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Note on food.

Just posting because I experimented with food.
sooo, my mom bought some cranberry pecan granola and well, it was calling my name. Now, first off I haven't had granola in a year or just over a year as it's usually very painful.
Well, I thought i'd be adventurous and try it, so I did on sunday night.
second note, I know my system pretty well and that it usually takes 1.5/2 days roughy for things to hit my colon. today is tuesday, a day and a half later well let's just say oye silly nina your not that cool. Jokes on me because today i've had shrapnel going through me. needless to say I won't be eating granola anytime soon! haha moral of this story, Thank god I have pain killers! :poo::ylol::voodoo::ybatty:
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I feel your pain. Awhile back I was feeling really well and I stupidly thought I could handle eating some shredded wheat cereal. Um, nope! They should change the name from shredded wheat to shredded insides because that's what it felt like! I am sure granola would do similar horribleness to me so I don't dare try it.

Also, a word of advice - if you're feeling adventurous food-wise, try to time it so that you have a recovery day the next day just in case it goes badly. I try to have my adventurous eating days on Friday evenings or on Saturdays, so that I have at least one weekend day to recover. If you know your transit time and how long it takes food to hit your colon, maybe eat your risky foods on Thursdays so that on Saturday you can recover if need be.
Oh man your brave! I don't remember the last time I ate shredded wheat because of that reason lol deff. should be called shredded insides! :rof:
I'm not working currently so not too worried about the recovery day but if i have something planned i do it so its out of my system before said plans. It's very rare for me to be adventurous with food, i have my collection of things i know dont bother me so i tend to stick to those and not vary much. but lately things that have never bothered me before are bothering me now and i dont like it haha Oh well lol