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Nothing in colonoscopy except polyp but high FCP

I had my first colonoscopy and gastroscopy this morning and at first look both were normal (waiting for biopsies to see about microscopic inflammation).

However I have been really unwell with diarrhoea and vomiting for around 2 years, sometimes with blood in my stool. I have also had electrolyte imbalances and acid/alkali imbalance (metabolic alkalosis). None of these things appear to occur with IBS. My fecal calprotectin was markedly elevated (450ug/g) also.

I also had a polyp which the GI was pretty surprised by as I'm only 23 and don't have risk factors or family history.

I just wondered if anyone here had similar experiences or knew what any of this might mean? They've sent the polyp off for analysis though he said it would probably be benign and I have another appointment in 2 weeks to discuss doing the pill cam or MRIs to visualise more of the small intestine. The GI seems sufficiently concerned that it isn't IBS but I'm finding it all pretty confusing and overwhelming as my symptoms and calprotectin added up to Crohn's but I'd have thought I'd have some signs of inflammation given that my last flare ended only a week or so ago.

Will probably feel better about this once I've had a decent night's sleep as I was in the bathroom half of last night but atm it's just stressing me out to have more questions and no answers!
I hope you get some solid answers soon. My understanding is that an elevated fecal calprotectin doesn't always mean Crohns. There are other illnesses it could signify. Please let us know how you are doing.
Since CD can affect anywhere from mouth to anus then it's possible your inflammation is higher up. So, it's good that he is looking to do a pill cam or MRI(it could be that it is an MRE, magnetic resonance enterography, as that tends to visualize the small bowel better). Either way further testing should be able to determine if it's IBD.