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Noticable veins

My veins have always been close to the surface but only in certain places ie: backs of hands, typical stuff. Lately I have noticed them on my forearms, shins,chest and tonight on the sides of my feet. I am a vampires wet dream. Any ideas?
Hey there. I'm guessing the drugs maybe: we're on a similar regime. I noticed mine seem to be a lot more prominent too. Not all the time though.
That's a relief. I do hope it's med related. And not serious.
Some research I done suggested dehydration which causes the skin to not be as plump so you can see them better. I can't, won't drink anymore! I refuse to spend even more time with my toilet : )
hehe. I was telling my room mate my veins were more noticeable and she thought i was going crazy but I swear they are as well.
Check Your Blood Pressure


Started Humira 8/11, friends noticed that my face looked red - checked BP 12/11 - 180/90,
normally 100/60 - I'd check your BP regulary

Crohn's 11/89.
Numerios drugs in the 90's, only predinsone worked
Resection 2004-2005

Humeria 8/11
Have you lost weight recently? I know when I get sick from crohn's and lose weight, my veins are more visible, to me anyways. Also I can see them more when I get pale (from low iron, another lovely side-effect). I wouldn't really worry though, just check with your GI or GP if you're really concerned :)