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Now I am fine

I have suffer crhon disease siptoms for about 13 monts but I realize that the main couse of my illness was the position of my spine, since then I have tried to
keep my spine in the right position and a I getting better and better. I hopo my istore help you.


Hi JOSE and welcome to the forum! :D

So as I understand it you had symptoms for 13 months that are similar to Crohn's disease symptoms but you don't actually have Crohn's disease correct? If so I'm glad that you don't have Crohn's. That must have been a relief. :)

May I ask what symptoms you were experiencing? What kind of doctor are you seeing for your spine (Chiropractor, Rheumatologist etc)? How are they treating your spinal issue and how did you finally find out that it was your spine and not Crohn's (what tests did you have done etc)?
Correct posture is definitely important with Crohns and many other diseases. So many nerve and blood/veins travel along the spine. I recommend exercise and yoga to everyone no matter whats wrong with them, stretching is a miracle worker.