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Numbing Humira Injections

Ive been recently put on Humira and I am going to have to give myself the injection in a few days.

A few of my relatives hava had similar experiences where they had to give themselves shots and told me that numbing the area with an ice pack or something is a good idea.

Can i do this for my Humira injections? Is this a good idea? Thanks.

My Butt Hurts

I iced down for 20 minutes before I did my injections, but I'm not even sure if it really helped much. The sting feels like it's more inside of the tissue rather than on the surface. Honestly - it's over with quickly, and it is SO worth it if it makes you feel better. If you watch the video at www.myhumira.com , it might help you a bit too.
My biggest advice would be to press on the injection site afterwards. It dramatically cuts down on bruising.
Good luck - hope it works great for you!
Ok, thanks for the advice. I have already had the 4 loading doses and know what it feels like (not too pleasant, but not too bad either). Im sure ill get used to it quickly.
Had my first pen shots Wednesday no pain. The doctor said that if I let the alcohol dry before injecting it reduces the pain. Wet alcohol on the needle stings.
The small ice packets that came in the starter kit worked great for me- anything cold would do though- just use the alcohol prep after you take off the ice pack instead of before. Good luck!
i was told to ensure you keep it out of the fridge for at least 45 min before injection to get it to room temp. but the problem for me isnt the jab its the pain of the medication going in. and on my tummy it hurts for hours after so im going to stick to injecting in my thighs.
Sorry, I don't inject Humira, but I have found a low-dose Tylenol about 45 minutes before I take my IM Methotrexate is helpful.
I have had tons of injections with different meds.. Humira is still the one that hurt the most. My stomach was the best choice.. husband did it for me.. I was afraid I would pull away to fast due to the sting of it and who wants to waste such an expensive drug! Icing it made it worse for me. And I was told no more them 20 min out of the fridge otherwise you risk it being less effective..
I think icing made it worse for me as well, but I do think pre-medicating with tylenol helps a little bit. I leave mine out for about 30 minutes.

After 4 months of being on it I am finally not getting as anxious about the needle.
I habitually take 2 tylenol about 30-45 minutes pre-injecting. The sting doesn't bother me much with the pens so I don't bother to ice it but the syringes used to get on my nerves lol. My inflammation has been so out of control since my diagnosis and none of the medications have worked. This is my second time trying Humira after a major failure the first time around, and this time it is post-op, so I'm hoping for better results.
i was told that its meant to be less sore in your tummy than your thigh! i find it hurts initialy more in my thigh but goes away it stayes being sore in my tummy for longer
Hi kazters,

Since being diagnised I have bloated up around the middle. So im thinking that my gut fat may absord the pain. Good luck and Merry Christmas. Regards Glenn
Hi Guys,
Ive been on humera since march of ths year. I injec once every two weeks, and use numbing cream on the site before trhe injection.
I get really wrked up, and sometimes even cry before I can do my injection, but nce its in, im fine. Its just the thought of puttng the needle in.
I get quite cross with myself sometimes,, because I know it doesnt hurt to put the injection in.
Will I ever get used to doing it?