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Nutritional Immunity -MAP

Since I have been researching IBD for about the last 36 years I am sort of
running out of stuff to look at. Whether MAP is causal or a bystander in Crohn's don't know,but here is a somewhat different research path to look at.
Will actually tie in with my iron thread.

One aspect of nutritional immunity is that your body goes to great length
to sequester iron and other minerals from pathogens, and the pathogens go
to great length to acquire these minerals from the body.

zinc and MAP-Are you getting too much,MAP also needs iron

nutritional immunity info

beyond iron

This paper on cattle shows that high iron, low selenium soils seem to increase
Map load and sickness. Low selenium also seems to interfere with transferrin
in the body.

corrected link

That should be enough to get you started down this path,with your own research. Not that there is that much out there on MAP.

selenium crohns-not all that much out there


selenium crohns -New Zeland-interesting-connection humans,cattle,selenium

then we have this new UC mouse confounder-no good

but then we have this old human UC study

Old Mike
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