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Nutritional interventions may help avoid surgery in patients with complicated Crohn's disease


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Firat I am hearing this but very encouraging:

One of the most promising areas for nutritional approaches is treating CD complications. Levine and colleagues pointed out that EEN has effectively treated inflammatory strictures, intra-abdominal abscess, and enterocutaneous fistulae. "Use of preoperative exclusive enteral nutrition for 4 weeks or more may reduce the need for surgical resections,"


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Thanks, this reseach team has lots of interesting alternative treatments projects on the way. They are very interesting to fallow.
THe lead author Dr Levine is from Israel. I remember a nutrionnist who visited a IBD clinic in Israel and who was amazed with all the different flavors and choices of EEN they had for CD. They use EEn a lot in Isreal.
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