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Nuvaring -> Rectal Pain?


Have any ladies experienced rectal pain with the nuvaring? I inserted it for the first time today and have intermittently been experiencing fairly intense rectal pain since then. Dunno if it could be some sort of referred pain from the placement or completely coincidental or what, but figured if anyone has experienced this potential side effect, it'd be my IBD crowd.



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I'm not seeing that in the list of side effects. My first thought is that its not placed in there correctly. I've never used it before but I do use tampons and can feel pressure on my rectum when inserting. The vagina and rectum are so close together that you can feel pressure in one from use of the other. My thought would be to try taking it out and putting it in again to see if that helps at all. Or if you have active UC or CD in your rectum then maybe this isn't the best option for you because of the inflammation that may already be occurring in your rectum making the walls even closer so that any amount of extra pressure will be felt.

When doing a google search for your symptoms, the only thing I heard mentioned was rectal prolapse but I think you'd know if that happened. :p
Take it out and put it in again, see if it makes a difference (or if you feel better with it out). I used it for years and never had anything like that, but it did give me agonizing migraines that didn't go away when I stopped using them. This is not common though, I guess. Hope you figure out what's irritating you.