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Obstruction <arghhhh!!!>

Tami Lynn

Forum Angel
I seemed to be doing really well this week. Then Wednesday evening rolled around and BAM! an obstruction out of nowhere! <ouch!> :(

The thing is...for the life of me, I can't figure out what I ate (or did) that brought it on.

Anywhooo....I spent the better part of yesterday in bed, nauseaous, with a splitting headache, bloated and in pain (in case anyone was wondering where I've been...or maybe nobody even noticed).

I absolutely hate the unpredictablity of these episodes! It gets so frustrating and depressing at times.

I admit that I've been stressing just a bit b/c we have a big tripped planned in a few weeks. My girls and I are taking a trip to our hometown in NY, and we'll be gone for 10 days. I am hoping and praying that we'll all stay healthy enough to actually ENJOY ourselves and maybe even be able to eat some of our favorite foods from back home! ;-)

Thanks for letting me vent.

I hope everyone else is well (or as well as can be). Happy FRIDAY and I hope ya'll have a great weekend! *HUGS*


I'm sorry to hear about your obstuction. They are no fun at all. It might have been scar tissue that got kinked up. I get a lot of obstructions from that more then I do food. The scar tissue issue is from all the surgeries I have had.... Well I hope you're better for your trip!


Awww Tami...I knew you hadn't been here a few days... if it makes ya feel any better...lol

I hate obstructions. Luckily, I haven't had any that needed surgery. But, mine are caused more from scar tissue just due to the fact that my gut is nothing but that, or so it seems.

Hopefully you will recover nicely, and you will enjoy your trip. Stop stressing over it...just go with the flow! (so to speak) Course, I am not a good one to say that, I am going for a day to an amusement park tomorrow and I am a wreck about it!

Get to feeling better, and hopefully it will pass and you will be fine!!



poor you Tami, can you tell me all the symptoms when you get an obstruction? it must be a partial one though? I get them about oncce a fortnight with really bad back pain, being sick and a vile headache and tummy cramps it usually lasts for about 4 hrs then clears its self really scary tho, had a nasty attack last night, oncce I had been sick about 10 times it cleared then i had a huge bout of the big 'D'.
Do you go to the docs or anything??
Sorry for all the questions.
Sam xx


TAMI ... I will be praying for you that your on the mend really fast !! So, take things easy & try and enjoy the rest of the weekend & Happy Mother's Day !!

See you soon !!
:eek: :eek: :eek:
Oh no. It is always a horrible experience to get an obstruction. It makes me get phantom pains when I think about it.

Hugs and prayers to you

Good luck


Tami Lynn

Forum Angel
Thank you to everyone who responded to my post.

I guess obstructions are just a "way of life" for a lot of us. I get them about twice a month, and I hate them with a passion! For me, I'm sure it must be a problem with post-surgical scar tissue, but it never helps if I've eaten a significant amount of fiber and roughage either.

You are all so right....obstructions are very scary, because there's always the lingering thought in the back of your mind...."what if this one becomes completely obstructed?!" I know that they can become serious and potentially fatal rather quickly, so I usually just stop eating/drinking and go straight to bed or the couch to rest until it passes. Occasionally I can just go on a liquid diet without further complications. When I first started experiencing them 14 years ago, I used to be afraid that I would die alone while I was having one...and that was a VERY SCARY thought and feeling!

Another problem is that I can't afford to go to the E.R. everytime I get an obstruction (like my doctor would like me to). We would be so broke if I did $$$$!!! Besides, I usually beg the doctors/nurses and try to convince them that I really don't need an NG tube anyways! LOL I mean, my reasoning is what can they do at the hospital that I can't do for myself at home (except for surgery if it becomes a complete obstruction or perforates)?

Don't get me wrong, I understand why they use the NG tubes, and they can be life savers in certain situations; I just REALLY prefer not to have one unless it's absolutely necessary or I'm having a complete obstruction. I know that when I go to the E.R. at least three things are GOING to happen: #1. I'll be waiting to be seen for HOURS #2. I will be getting an I.V. and #3. They will try to put an N.G. tube in <ugh! thos things hurt going in!> :rolleyes:

In answer to Sam's question, The first thing that usually happens to me when an obstruction starts is that I get a really dull headache that progresses into almost a migraine, then I get very bloated, uncomfortable and nauseated, followed by intense waves/spasms of colicky pain in my abdomen that come and go (usually getting worse and worse until I start vomiting [sometimes even vomiting feces] or else I will start geting a lot of diarrhea or worse yet...both!). This usually takes hours to work itself out and by the time it has all passed, I am exhuasted from the pain and feel like someone has been using my stomach as a punching bag. I compare the feeling in my stomach afterwards to that of a wash rag that's been wrung out repeatedly...very sore.

I get them about oncce a fortnight
Sam: What is a fortnight? (every 4 nights??)

I'd love to hear how others here who deal with obstructions on a regular basis handle these disruptive episodes. How do you guys know when to try treat it yourself and when to seek medical attention? I'd love to hear all of your thoughts and idea on this subject.

Anyways, I'm feeling better now. My husband had a wild, spur-of-the moment idea to take us all to Daytona beach this Friday. He called me on his way home from work and was like, "wanna' go to the beach?" I was like...SURE! and then I asked my girls... Needless to say, the vote was unanymous! LOL We spent a couple nights there and it was absolutely beautiful: breezy, warm and sunny and very relaxing! There's nothing like listening to the ocean when you're getting ready to go to sleep at night

We just got back today and now I'm tired again! lol

Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers. I really do appreciate them.

Awww Tami...I knew you hadn't been here a few days... if it makes ya feel any better...lol
Donna: I'm glad you noticed I hadn't been around :eek: Hope you enjoyed your day at the amusement park! :D

It makes me get phantom pains when I think about it.
Jeff: no phantom pains allowed!!! :p j/k

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all of the Moms in our forum!!! I hope everyone has been enjoying their weekend! :)



Aww sorry tami about the obstruction and im glad that things have settled for you, I havent had an obstruction since i went into full remission.

HEHE i find it strange that americans use such a different language to pretty much the rest of the world.... kiwis english is more similar to englands then the US but we are different again in some ways so really there is no proper english.

Well i hoper your trip gose without an issue all the best hun