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Occasional 'D' safe to come off entocort for TTC?

Hi there everyone!

My partner and I want to start TTC (trying to conceive) in the next few months and I want to come off of the entocort.

As it is I am in a reasonably good remissions, however I still have the occasional bought of D & stomach pains (usually if I eat anything with garlic in it...) I have been on entocort for a solid 14 months and I do believe it is time to try to get off the stuff and prepare my body for baby... any thoughts on whether or not this would be safe given the occasional D?

Also has anyone come off entocort 3mg before? What were your side effects?

Kind regards



Staff member
I've never taken it for that long but have stopped it cold turkey after 3 months on 9mg with no problems at all. You should really talk to your GI about it before you do it. My guess is you may be able to stop it completely or they might suggest an every other day dose, not sure but it would be best to consult them before going off any medications and trying to have a baby while in a possible flare or on any medications.