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Odor control

Everyone with an Ostomy bag know that they can smell from time to time. I am wondering what everyone uses or does for odor control. I my self try cleaning the bag out every time I empty it (when at home) and I also use a lubricating deodorant as well as a filtered bag.
I've only had my ostomy for about two months so I might not be the best source for something like this, but here goes. I'm assuming you're using an open-ended bag that you just switch whenever the wafer comes loose? I went with that for a while and I too would smell every now and then. But since then I've switched to close-ended disposable bags and they've worked just great. In my opinion they're a lot easier to deal with when you're out and about (just be sure to bring bags for changing) and you don't have to worry about any mess when cleaning it. They're also opaque and shorter and therefore less noticeable by others. I think most ostomy care companies offer a free starter kit if you're interested in trying them out. Hope you find a successful solution to your problem!


I am seriously wanting these flushable bags Cindy and others have!!I use OstoMist, and filters. I also use the wet tp by andrex to clean the bag (I'm on a one piece system at this point...and I'm too short to reach the taps on the sink! Also, I cant always have a bottle of water with me at work) Dont forget body sprays.

Frankly, I'm all for blaming the dogs or other people standing around you for the odours!
Teee heee!!
I sometimes think I smell but then when I ask someone they say they can never smell me!! (know they are not just being nice as sometimes ask my children who are 12 and 9 and very honest!!!)
i find using a 2 piece works great. once the bag fills u just take it off, wipe round the 1st piece disc, and apply the new bag. i find this a lot cleaner and easier than emptying the bag, and if it does smell, less of it comes out as the poop is still in the bag. hpe it helps. same as christie sometimes u think you smell but you actually dont. I always ask the people around me when i think i smell, and nearly evrytime its a no.
I use a one piece bag and can say the only issues I have had with odour is when emptying. And to solve this I use peppermint oil drops in the end of each bag I put on. This does mean when I empty the strong smell of peppermint can be sniffed, but for me it's better than the alternative. The smell will last for the whole day at each emptying.

Any bag that makes you smell when it is closed doesn't have a proper working filter. They have charcoal filters to filter out any smell and keep it in the bag, where it should be.

I wouldn't want to have to change a bag each time it needed emptying. This would get me through an enormous amount of bags and my doctor would seriously question why I was using so many each day when I could open them and empty them. I understand why this would be the case with a colostomy but for those with an ileostomy are many people really changing rather than emtpying when full?



I change my bag once a day, but I reuse my bags. I don't just toss them in the garbage (that would cost me a fortune!!). I just wash my bags out with soap and water and hang them to dry.
I use the Hollister 2-piece system, and I haven't noticed any odour problems (and I keep neurotically asking all my friends). I change my bag every two days and change my appliance every four or five days. The problem with odour is more when I burp or empty my bag and while I can do something about it at home, I'm more concerned about emptying my bag in public spaces or at friends' homes. I'll have to find a small bottle of room deodarizer!


Yes, I believe the only odor coming from me is when I empty my bag and WATCH OUT. Man, does my poop stink. I can't seem to locate my Just a Drop so I need to order some more!!

Believe me, if I smelled other than that, my husband would let me know for sure. After my surgery when I wasn't showering very often, he gently reminded me, "Honey, just because you don't have an asshole anymore doesn't mean you can't smell like ass. Take a shower."

- Ames
I just use filter bags now.

Honestly, I have never smelled anything other than when I empty the bag. And it really isn't bad at all.

Just kind of smells like whatever I ate.

I don't use any drops or anything. I just wipe the opening with lightly scented baby wipes before I velcro it back up and that seems to do the trick.

Nothing fancy!
I haven't gotten my ileostomy yet (scheduled for 8/19/2011) but the wound care nurse told me that putting a few drops on non-alcoholic mouthwash can be used to help eliminate order...especially when emptying.
I change my bag once a day, but I reuse my bags. I don't just toss them in the garbage (that would cost me a fortune!!). I just wash my bags out with soap and water and hang them to dry.
You are not alone! I have been forced to do this for years because of cost. Truth be known, I am sure we are no where near the only ones that do this. Trying to thoroughly clean them and neutralize the odor is rather challenging but basically can be accomplished. The trick is not cleaning them too vigorously or with too harsh of soaps because the bags do wear down in short time. It does add interesting conversation for guest that see them hanging in the back of the shower. LOL


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I've been using the 2 piece systems. I used Hollister for years and changed over to Convatec after having rash issues. Been on the bag now for 16 years and I can honestly say that I stink.

My output is medium to loose and has an octane level that is off the charts. I built an outhouse to do my business outside. Its a two holer, one for regular folks to sit on, and for me its a round hole in the floor. I simply stand over said hole, unclip and then bombs away down the hole and I am done. No smell at all in the house, and best of all no mess in the inside toilet.

I don't do much to my bag. I change it, and usually get 5 to 6 days out of it. I don't ever remove the bag between flange changes, I just simply un clip and empty out, clip back on, wash hands and go about my day.

Traveling on the plane brings up a real serious issue of controlled gas release. It often fills up no warning real fast, and there is no option but to air off the bag. I try to be discrete, I don't want it to pancake in mid flight ( I talked about the incident in another thread). So when the plane stinks, chances are it came from a patient like me. Not going to let that bag stop me from engaging in life.
I use Hollister M9 drops in my bag for odor control. The bottle says use 1-15 drops, but that does nothing for me. If I use a generous splash of it in the bag every time I empty, I have absolutely no odor at all. The times I don't use it...oh MY!!