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I have had an ileostomy for 14 years now and thanks to it I live a normal healthy life. I haven't been on any medication for my Crohns in all that time, so feel like I no longer have it and forget I even have the bag throughout the day - apart from one issue.

In all that time there has always been an odor problem and believe me I have tried everything in the bag to try and eliminate odor. I've tried various bags but out of all of them I use a Coloplast one piece drainable bag with a carbon filter as it sticks to my skin and I never worry about it lifting or filling with air. I change my bag everyday but throughout the day at work I can smell the contents of my bag - Others smell it aswell :-(
I know that as I put some body shop mandarin and tangelo oil drops in my bag every time I change it or empty it. I've tried various odor eliminators, peppermint oils and other things and they have all failed to eliminate the odor or make it smell fresh. I've even tried expensive after shaves and they last a very short time before the contents odor takes over.

Over the years I have spent hundreds of dollars trying things out but live in the hope there is something that works! I've also contacted the various manufactures to include some form of fragrance in the bag rather than producing drops or sprays that you have to carry. For me as a man in his 30's I hate carrying the body shop oil bottle in my pocket everywhere I go - but it's the best thing I've found. It's a shame it's not a manly smell but it's a thousand times better than the smell of the contents.

It is something I have suffered since I've had the bag and it does get me down from time to time and so I would welcome any recommendations from others on this forum. I'm willing to try anything!!


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Hi and welcome bobbyd, I had a bag for a year, I can't say mine gave off any odour, except when emptying,or if I had a leak. I used the same bag system as you. I don't know what to suggest as you say you have tried everything.
Have you tried charcoal that you ingest, as it goes through your system it may have an effect on deodorizing the smell from within...
Hope you can find away to combat this.
Best wishes 💕
Thanks to everyone who has contacted me via this thread and PM's. Thought I'd share with everyone..

A couple of good suggestions which I'm going to try

- Poo-Pourri (available on amazon - check out the 5 star reviews). Although it's a spray for after going to the toilet I'm going to try pouring it in another bottle and use it as drops in the bag.

- Eucalyptus essential oil (supposed to have the same effect as Poo-Pourri

- Hollister M9 Odor Eliminator Drops - I remember being told about this before but it was never available in the country I lived in