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Off Humira - Now What?

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Captain Obvious
So I've been taken off of Humira because the GI agreed that it was making me feel worse. I would've taken it next Friday again. I still have 2 stupid pens in my fridge that'll now just sit there.... does anyone know if the pharmacy will take them back? Seems like such a waste.

If anyone's been on Humira and then went off, what was the next step?
last time I went off Humira I kept the two pens in my fridge until I was about to start the Humira again (about 2 years... lol) and I figured I should get rid of the expired ones so I don't accidentally use them.

I had to take to take them to a lab to dispose of them (which was a fiasco anyhow... the nurse shot one of the pens across the room... literally expired Humira ALL over their office.)

I would attempt to call humira and see if they'll take them
I took Humira for a short period of time, it did not help me at all. I took the remaining few pens that were in the fridge to the hospital. I walked right into the emergency room and told them why I was there, they said thank you took my information and said that they would take care of it.......

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Captain Obvious
Oh cool, thanks Jennx2!

I hope they're as cool around here LOL

I just got them last week, so I don't want them to go to waste when they could just as easily help someone else!

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Good idea to give it back or let the pharamacy dispose of it. Even here in Canada we are incouraged to take all old vitamins, drugs and otc stuff back to the pharmacy for safe disposal. It is to protect the enviornment.