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Off Pred and still have moon face/acne

Hey All—I’m hoping to get some feedback here on how long it took for moon face and acne symptoms to go away after stopping the prednisone?
I was started on 30mgs for a month and a half and then started to taper off by 5mgs every week. All-in-all, I was on prednisone for a total of 3 months maximum. I then started on Humira and haven’t had one symptom of crohns ever since!
My worry however, is that it’s been about two months since being completely off the prednisone, and I still have my round face and the acne seems to be only getting worse. Is this normal? Is there a possibility that the effects are permanent? Or am I a little too impatient?
Any insight is welcomed!
Our oldest had a round face for nearly a year, as I remember, but it eventually went back to totally normal and no pimples. :)
A year is so long! But i'm relieved to hear that it wasn't permanent. Thank-you so much for your response, i've been bothered by this for a while now. I'm not sure if i'm better off drinking lots of water, or trying to keep my water intake at a minimum
Mine lasted quite a while. It went down within 2 months but not completely until about 6 months later. Same deal with acne, though it felt longer, not sure if it actually was or not.
I can't tell if mine has gone down at all.... some days I feel like it might have and then other days I feel like it hasn't moved.
Take a picture of your face every week and you'll see it going down. It's hard to tell when you see your face everyday. :)