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Off to see the Vampires again today

I had a great appointment with a new doctor Wednesday. She and her group are integrative specialists and I'm hoping we can figure out some things. I left her office with a stool test, (YAY, we love those... not), an at home urine and saliva test, and a lab sheet that looks like it should have chapters. I've been suffering from a migraine since Keith was still in the hospital and haven't been able to knock it down because I've had to drive.. and since I was also trying to not suffer I took some Advil on top of my Tylenol... only to read that the stool test is not to be done until 2 days following any asprin, advil, etc. So... today is blood work, tomorrow starts 3 consectutive days of stool tests and the last day of stool, I'll also do urine and ship them out. The stool test is supposed to figure out which bacteria I have in my colon and how much of each, how much energy I'm getting out of the food I eat, etc. She said it's a 4 page report... so I'm interested to figure stuff out. We're testing blood for Thyroid problems, kidney function (again) hormone levels (again) but I have real faith in this lady. I just wish she wasn't in San Francisco. Driving a crew cab ford 4x4 through the streets there is terrifying. My new tires weren't gaining traction to push me up those hills.. I was squeekin' and gripping my steering wheel like that might help.

Anyway, I'm rambling... procrastination before blood work, I'm sure I'm the only one... :ylol2:


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Good luck Rhonda. Isn't it nice to find a doctor who listens? I hope all your tests provide the answers you are looking for.
Lol, funny that you say vampire bcoz i used to think tht when i had to have loads of blood tests! I also had a very thorough one like that - was way before diagnosis or even refferal to GP. Hope it all goes ok :)
I'm home finally... 12 vials, zomg. I had to go to a second lab because one of tests required a specific vial they didn't have on hand... so poked twice. The second gal wasn't as good as the first, although she did listen to me about which needle to use and which vein to go for. I still get the shakes going in to the lab.. too many years of phlebotomists not believing that these juicy veins are nearly impossible to hit. They're like ninjas! Dodge, roll, collapse! mwa hahaha, no blood that poke.. Now I go in, insist on the butterfly needle (when they miss, as they often do due to the neat rolling action of my veins a butterfly doesn't hurt so much as they reposition it in my arm) and let them know that the veins they can see will leave silver dollar sized bruises and that they must go for the neat one that they can feel I'm successful after a minimum amount of tries. At our lab the first phlebotomist is only allowed 2 tries (company rules) each successive one is allowed one try each. You can run out of phlebotomists that way! :tongue: