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Officially still 'undiagnosed'

Hi - first let me say, its great to find a site and read stories about people who are going through similar things to me.

I have not been officially diagnosed with CD yet, however my Dr is 95% sure that is what it is... a bit of a long story but I will try and keep it short!

Had a trip to the UK from New Zealand at the end of October, came back to NZ and was put in hospital the next day. Suffered extreme stomach cramps/pains and diarrhea the whole flight back from UK. Ended up in hospital with cramps and abdominal pain for 8 days. Drs did bloods and said although CRP was raised there was nothing really abnormal. Kept on high levels of pain relief. CT scan showed nothing and was sent home with a 'Virus'.

Still had intermittent pain for past 2 months but day after Xmas pain started again quite badly. Went to Dr and ended up in hospital again last week with raised CRP but nothing else obvious. Suggested I needed a colonoscopy but had to go on public waiting list.

My Dr rang 2 days ago to say stool sample came back with Calprotectin level of 452 - hence her being fairly sure some degree of Crohns.

Still in pain, mainly at night so taking Tramadol to relieve it. Colonoscopy should be in the next couple of weeks to confirm. Not quite sure what I should be doing in the meantime - just glad there might finally be some answers.

Question - does anyone else experience either back pain or itching?? I have both, the back pain can get quite bad and the itching (all over my body) is starting to really get me down... is this a commen effect anyone knows about??

So after 3 months of no diagnosis I am getting closer..... just glad to know there is support out there!!
There's lots of support here - I'm still going through the stages of diagnosis - just had my upper and lower scopes today - and I can say I was where you were a couple weeks ago, just waiting for, well, today... though I don't have any definite answers I can feel better knowing I'm closer to answers. You will too, as the days go by.

I have no experience with itching but I do occasionally have lower back pain around SI joint, and sometimes off to one side (usually left side)... but it tends to come for a couple days and then go. It may be all mechanical because I work at a desk job and usually only start to feel it after sitting in that stupid chair for 8 hours. I've found that a heating pad works great for that. Stretches and practicing good posture can help, though if it is Crohn's, the pain may be caused by inflammation.

Stick around, you'll learn lots and find lots of support!
Hi Melissa, welcome to the forum. You'll find lots of great information here and with people that are in the same boat as you, or similar.

I was diagnosed with Crohn's in November. One of the symptoms I had was back aches, off and on. All of my symptoms have gone away after being on Asacol and following a "low residue diet" which was recommended by my gastro doctor.

You'll begin to see as you read, that Crohn's is different with everyone - their particular symptoms, food that bothers them and medication prescribed by their doctor.

Best wishes finding out for certain and getting the help you need.


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I went through the same, just had a scope/colonoscopy which came up with nothing. Still in pain. I too feel itchy and pain in back(like when I am stiing I get pain in both sides on back).
I ave been feeling like this over fives years with nothing for treatment or even a diagnosis.
Feels so stressful, like I am losing it. I ave a thread which goes into detail. My situation is real bad, there are many negative factors that should not be involved in any medical process.
Sorry for ventin/rantin. But I feel for you.