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ogurt as a cure for Covid-19 and Crohn’s disease?

my little penguin

Staff member
There is NO CURE for Crohn’s disease
I repeat there is NO CURE
The micro biome of the gut has been studied and sometimes diet can help as an adjunct therapy for kids in addition to meds for the majority of kids
(Een scd ibd aid diet etc...)
But these are NOT A CURE
Understood. Article title is misleading, but some interesting research. That's not to say there will never be a cure.

my little penguin

Staff member
I did want to add adults with crohns have a different disease type than children With crohns (12-20)
And very early onset ibd (under age 8) is another type
Adults can have better success With diet such as SCD
And kids have better success with EEN
San Diego
If yogurt could cure Crohn's I would have been cured years ago, because I eat yogurt for breakfast nearly every day - including back in the days when I was first coming down with Crohn's. But, alas, my Crohn's carries on. It has responded well to a biologic drug but not to yogurt.

Yougurt can certainly be an important part of healthy diet, but no one should expect it to be a miracle cure for Crohn's or anythng else.

Lady Organic

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The title of the article is sensationalistic, not scientific:)
Reporters often use such titles to captivate our attention, they exagerate. Most probably and interesting finding in this research is that yogurt (probiotics) can or could HELP for IBD and covid in slowing down the inflammatory cascade, just as any other type of very anti-inflammatory molecules found in different foods or vitamin D, for instance, can also do.