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Oh, and a question about B12 shots

I recently started getting B12 shots. I get one every week for the first 4 weeks, and then once a month. Can anyone tell me how long it will be before I start feeling the effects (increased energy) of the B12? Thanks!


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Hi Autumn Rose,
I never noticed a surge of energy after I get my shot. ...If I mess up my monthly schedule, it does seem to make a difference in how I feel. I always try to get it the week after my cycle starts so its the same time each month.
Hi Autum, I have had 4 weekly shots now and haven;t noticed any difference but I am also suffering the effects of tapering pred, so who knows!?
I take the B-12 in Nasal form. I've never noticed a real upswing but if I miss taking it I do notice a more run down feel till I start up again. Sorry, probably not what you wanted to hear.
I know I never suddenly felt more alert, it was more of a gradual process. I used to have a lot of trouble staying awake and alert and it went away after I started taking B-12. I don't recall how long it took me to feel the effects but for me it was noticeable. Before I'd fall asleep everywhere! In class, at bus stops or while I was cooking...
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Thanks, everyone! I was kinda hoping to hear that I'd get an energy surge after the first month, but as long as I feel better in general, I'm good with that.

Wow, Wiles, glad to hear that you're no longer falling asleep while cooking! :p
I guess its different for everyone..for me I couldn't tell after the first because I had bad stomach flu..but I think it was about a week and I did feel so much more awake.


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i never had a energy boost after my vit b12 jabs. but if i am late in having them then i do feel run down.
My B12 shots started after my surgery in '97. If I miss taking the shot I am very worn out and wonder what my problem is. Then the big light bulb goes off and I realize I haven't had my shot. I have never once notice a surge in energy either, just felt more human is the best way to describe it for me.
Good luck! :bigsmurf: