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Oh glorious day!

I just passed a solid, fully formed stool for the first time in years!
And just realised that I have not been on the porcelain since yesterday evening!
And that with no pain....that is, I have felt a very minor discomfort, not more than that I have to think about it to really feel it!

Off to bed now, it's way past my bedtime here in Norway!
It lasted for a day...back to my normal routine now.

But I had a nice morning and actually went grocery shopping without having to make a run for the bath room after wearing coat, shoes, gloves, getting wife and kid straped into the car, car started etc...and made it all the way home without visting a public toilet. I live on this for a long while....lol


I'm gonna offend someone but what the hell. That my friend to a crohnie..is, well Orgasmic. (then again I never had a good sex life!) :shifty-t:

Congrats for a normal day!!! Even just one normal day is FABULOUS!!!!