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Oh The Places You Will Go!

Ok...I just had to share this. I can't believe they actually have these, but I thought if you're a traveling Crohnie, you might want to invest in this little contraption.



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New York, USA
Yep! That gives 'portable toilet' a whole new meaning! lol.....I have also seen camping ones that use a bucket........I took my daughters' potty chair along when we went on a 3 hour road trip...not for me - but who wants to try to find a bathroom for a 5 year old in the middle of nowhere! lol
Pasobuff - I've seen the camping ones too...we bought one of those while waiting for the septic tank to be completed at our place on the river. But I was looking for some things to outfit my cabin and wandered up on this...I couldn't believe it! When I told my dad about it, he said they have some with a bar that comes up the back and circles around that you can hang a shower curtain from! Really?!? If I'm so remote that I have to use a tailgate toilet, I doubt there will be anyone around to see. :)


can't get my head round this! Do you poo thro it onto the ground, or stick a bucket under it!
either way, bloody funny!
Joan...I supposed you could put a bucket under it...I think I would probably just dig a hole or something.

Rebecca...driving off while you're still on the seat sounds like something my family would do! I can't imagine seeing someone riding down the road with their bums hanging out of the toilet seat and their pants around their ankles...would be too funny!
Top gear also featured a cardboard toilet. It's flat pack so it's portable. Then when you need to go it unfolds into essentially a cardboard box with a hole cut out the top. Presumably you put a bag or bucket inside.

There are a few flaws though...

Sorry but I am typing this on my ipod and I can't post links. But go onto you tube and search for top gear cardboard cr*pper.


Rebecca this is class!
wish I'd have had one of those at the V festival instead of pooin in a tesco bag and lobbin it in the skip!
I can see them catching on!
Are you serious? That is possibly the best invention I have ever seen! Y'know, I had always been afraid of traveling because of my IBS, but maybe I can get myself one of those doo-hickeys. Do they even sell em'? Gosh, I'd love to make my own if possible. :D