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Old chronic fistula and possible new one

This is my first post. I have appreciated all of the information on this forum. It is such an important resource. A little history on me: I was dx in 96 with crohns. first surgery was in 99- sm bowel resection. things were relatively calm for the next 5-6 years, a little pain here and there but i was in college not taking care of my body they way i should've. In 2007 I was experiencing pain on the left side of my butt. I thought it was a hemorrhoid. i had no clue that fistulizing crohns or abscesses were even a thing. it turns out it was an abscess that had to be emergently drained. There was a mushroom drain placed that slowly over the next few months was pulled out little by little. Unfortunately the tunnel never closed and became a fistula. It still drains a little so i have to keep a gauze pad taped to my butt all day everyday and change it frequently. it is strange to think that it has become such a part of my life that i dont even think about it as a nuisance anymore. As of march of this years I was just maintaining the fistula. Then I started to get pain on my other butt. I was terrified of having the same thing happen to the right sd that has already happened to the left. So i call my GI dr. for an appointment. I went through a few EUA at the Cleveland clinic and toke a dose for Cipro and flagyl. the atb worked immediately with the pain i was having and i could no longer feel the lump that seemed to be deep in my butt cheek. I was feeling better for a few months but the past few months the pain is back. I have all but given up on my chronic fistula but I do not want to have the same thing happen on the other side. So here is where i need some advice. I have found in the past that for my disease more alternative solutions seems to reduce my symptoms. i eat a fairly regulated diet and take supplements. I am not currently on any medication for my crohns. My dr has suggested a biologic but I have been hesitant to go on it. Has anyone successfully treated an abscess that was deep- it doesn't even seem close to the skin- with anything topical? such as oil of oregano, DMSO...etc.

I will try most alternative things before going the medical route. I am not opposed and I realize that everyone has had success in doing a wide variety of things. Any suggestion would be great. I will say my fear is that it does come to the surface or get worse and instead of having one fistula i will have two. One on each side.

Advice, suggestions, similar stories are greatly appreciated! thanks