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Hi All,
I'm a 71 year old Brit/American living in the Philippines and a Crohns/IBS/colitis sufferer for the last 50 of those years.
In the late 1950's I somehow managed to contract one of the above. Thats one contract I don't remember signing.:thumbdown: (I can't be specific because the doctors at the time couldn't tell me). After several bouts in hospital the docs decided to separate me from 4 feet of colon & 7 feet of lower intestine, all of which was "inflamed". This was in Manchester, England. Since then I have tried to live an active life despite the problems of always having to be within sprinting distance of a toilet. (In Zambia, South Africa, Panama and Philippines - countries I have lived in - thats not always easy. As for the standard of such facilities, I would rather not paint you a mental picture).
For the last 20 odd years, I have managed to keep my problem somewhat in check with Immodium/Loperamide - 2 a day - and minimally watching my diet. I still have an average of about 3-4 daily visits plus one real disaster a year. Again, I would rather not paint you a mental picture.
Now, my greatest need is to find a usable stool hardener to save some "nocturnal" accidents and get a good nights sleep. Unfortunately, many drugs that might help are not available in the Philippines e.g. Questran, and are phenomonally expensive to bring in. (Still, I'd like to see the face of the Philippine customs agent who tested it out). But anyone with any ideas that work would become my personal hero/heroine.
Glad to meet you all and reading some of your stories makes me realize that I've been relatively lucky with my sh---y experiences.
Gary Davis


Welcome Gary!

It sounds like you have had a pretty interesting life based on all the places you have lived! I am glad that for the most part you have not had too much trouble. It makese sense that for the amount of intestine you had removed that you have an issue with loose stools.

All my problems in the past dealt with the other problem (stools being too hard!) so I don't have any personal advice, but hopefully some of the other members can help out.

Glad to have you part of the community! :)

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HI Gary :bigwave: so nice to get some "more mature" crohnies to come on and tell us your story! You are pretty good on the computer... my mom is 76 (and very healthy) and doesnt even know how to turn on a computer and has no desire :lol:

My so many places, you have been, I have moved too alot but stayed in our country, and Ontario.

Questran was my life saver after my second resection, being on imodium steady is not a good thing, but you do what you have to do. I know all those mental pictures, lol you have a great sense of humour and that is so welcomed here!

Are you on any maintenance drugs? Glad you found us, :welcome: hope to see you with your wisdom of knowledge and experiences!!


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Welcome to the forum, Gary! I don't have any advice regarding a stool hardener, but I do know you should not take Imodium long term. Perhaps you can experiment with your diet a little by adding in some binding foods such as bananas and rice.


Hiya Gary
and welcome

what a vast experience you've had! so many places, and Manchester too!
Re; your question, how about some granola type cereal with some dried fruit, or dried bananas. How about adding some cheese and black tea to your diet.
How about you see your doc to rule out an infection like c diff?
Cos c diff can be made worse by regular use of Imodium.
There's something called Fibercon (calcium polycarbophyl) or Metamucil (psyllium) to firm up your stools.
Keep a food diary Gary, and document everything that causes you to have loose BMs.
Good luck from a fellow sufferer
Joan xxx
Hi All, Many thanks for the welcoming words and advice.

To Astra/Joan: Places don't get much more exotic than Manchester:lol2:
Cheese has been a major part of my diet all my life. I often wonder whether I eat too much and this causes my loose stool problem. When I lived in Florida for 19 years, I got hooked on bagels & cream cheese. That has only just become available in Dumaguete (the bagels) and I am struggling to limit myself to 3 a week. :ylol:
Have always drunk tea as well - with milk as a kid but now without. Am going to try switching to green tea to see if that helps.
Have been taking the imodium for about 12 years. It keeps my bathroom visits down to 3-4 a day, but does'nt harden the stool. I don't seem to get any bad side effects from it. Incidentally, Imodium costs about 30c US per capsule here, while the generic Loperamiede costs 3c and works just as well.
I managed to find psyllium in a pharmacy here yesterday and started taking it this morning. I'll let you know how that goes. Either way, I cannot thank you enough for that info.
Of course, I should keep a food diary but I am afraid that it will just turn out to be a list of everything I like. :lol2:

To xJillx: See above re the Imodium. Living in the Philippines, rice has replaced potatoes as my standard vegetable and I eat it with most entrees. Also, bananas are a staple food here. There is one type, called Tundam, that is known as a medicine for diarrhea(?) and I am switching to that.

To Pen: Tried to buy Questran (or Cholestyramine) here, but no joy and importing it is way too expensive. Did you have any side effects when you were taking it? Not taking any maintenance drugs ( except the imodium).

To Mikeyarmo: Thanks for the welcome. Over all these years I have thought that I have had the rough end of the stick, having to go through life with the problems caused by IBD. That is until yesterday. Reading some of the members stories has made me realize that I have had it easy compared to some.


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Hi Gary and :welcome:

I'm glad you found your way here cause it is a fab place for support and info. :)

My daughter uses psyllium husks to control her chronic diarrhoea following a bowel resection 5 years ago. She found the more commercially produced brands like Metamucil caused her pain and cramping but the natural psyllium husks that you find in the health food section at supermarkets works a treat. Not sure about finding it in supermarkets in the Philippines though. I hope it does the trick for you too!

Good luck and keep us posted.

Dusty. xxx