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Olive leaf extract has some interesting properties.

I have been taking olive leaf extract for a cold I acquired. Didn’t start until I was well into it. The cold is gone but it was followed by my typical reaction which is increased mycoplasma as evidenced by lung congestion and my typical die off reaction when I kill some of it.

I didn’t know a lot about olive leaf extract but was pretty impressed with what it can kill. Pathogens related to my case of Crohn’s that it may help with are Mycoplasma, H-Pylori, E-Coli.
I doubt it has been tested against MAP but it can help with psoriasis. My psoriasis was caused directly by MAP although I am quite sure there are multiple causes depending on what type of psoriasis is involved.

Also anti-viral, anti fungal, and many more.

Here is a good overview of its potential.