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Omeprazole and pred!!

I've been put on prednisilone for a few months and wondered if I should be taking omeprazole to protect my gut?
I heard you need omeprazole when on pred.


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Hi there

This is something that varies from person to person and from doctor to doctor. I was given omeprazole but not until I developed heartburn. If you feel you would like to take it to protect your stomach then ask your doctor. If you cant get in with your gastro then your normal GP can supply omeprazole for you.
Hi Andy. I had been on Pred for 6 months when I was admitted to hospital and the docs and pharmacist there were really surprised I hadn't been prescribed a 'protecter' and put me on Omeprazole. To be honest, I hadn't had any stomach issues on the Pred. Well, apart from the Crohn's ones!
Hi Andy, I was already on omeprazole when I started pred a month ago, and found my reflux worsened significantly with pred so my doctor doubled my omeprazole dose, which seems to have done the trick. I have to stop taking it next week ahead of a procedure, which is a bit scary as reflux can be really bad.
I've upped my dose to 40mg of omeprazole,I was at 20mg but the pred was making me have real bad cramps and reflux.
Thanks for replying
Has it worked for you? I've still had a few bursts of cramps/reflux but otherwise okay so far - you do start feeling like you're juggling one med with another to counter side effects...
I still feel some cramping/reflux but not as bad as before.
Started on 40mg of pred and now tapering,hopefully it works and fingers crossed I'm off them by start of July..