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On Clinical Study MLN0002 and Nauseated

I have been on this clinical study for almost 2 weeks and had mild nausea a few days ago but today was hell. Been very sick to my stomach all day! Even took anti nausea meds with no relief. I don't know if I have a stomach bug or bad reaction. Last infusion was 12 days ago. I have my second infusion this tuesday. Getting a little nervous now! Has anyone been on a study and had stomach upset this late into the infusion? I'm upset and depressed!
Contact the doctor overseeing the trial IMMEDIATELY. I don't care if its the weekend, you need to let them know asap when in a trial if you have a day like that. It could be a common side effect that they can tell you how to deal with based on the drug companies information. It could be more serious and they might want to see you immediately. I personally think you are probably ok, but as I said, with a clinical trial you can never be too sure, and all of these things do need to be reported so they can investigate any and all side effects to be sure this drug is safe enough to make it to market. Also, make sure its ok to take the anti-nausea meds while on the trial. There are sometimes exclusions to other drugs based on the biology involved in how a drug works or is metabolized, though in the case of a biologic it would be a bit more complicated and less of a risk, you should still ask.

Good luck and feel better!
Thank you Pen and Saidinstouch. I called my trial leader and she does not believe it is related because of the amount of time into the last infusion. She thinks it may be food poisoning or stomach bug. If it's not better by tomorrow the doc will see me. She also said the anti nausea meds were ok. I go for my next infusion tuesday! Again, thanks for being there for me!!
Early afternoon today I became very nauseated. I thought about what I had eaten over the past 48 hours. I looked at the calendar, and I am at day 12 of my infusion exactly like last time. I did not even consider that possibility, so it's not in my mind. I am going back thursday for my physical and neurological exam,
Woke up fine but after a couple hours the nausea kicked in again. I go back on Thursday. I want to stay on the study because I have only a few bm's a day instead of 10.
Thanks for asking......and I LOVE your profile pic!

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Sorry about the awful nausea, but at least you're getting a bit of a break from the BM's, I guess. Make sure you let us know how it all turns out!

Thanks (re: the pic)... I've been getting a lot of interesting comments about it lately LOL
My usual clinical nurse was out of town yesterday so I saw her associate. She didn't know enough about the study to answer any questions. I go back a week from Monday for my third infusion. So far so good, except for those 2 day nausea spurts. But the benefits so far outweigh the couple of bad days!
The infusions are easy. I am only hooked up to the IV for a half hour. There is no onsight pain or tingling. They take blood samples before and after. I am basically at this point in and out of there in 2 hours...... not bad!
Clinical trial mln0002

Iam in a clinical trial the drug is call mln0002 Iam no sure if i am getting the drug i could be getting a placebo. I have uc and I am having a flare right now I would like to know if there is anyone out there that is in the same trial and if the drug is helping them. I had a lot of hope for this drug I have been on so much predisone I dont want to go back on it if I can help it. Love to here from anyone on the drug.


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Sorry your having such a hard time Hazel. I hope someone chimes in with experience. You can try to private message shmooda through the forum.