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On Humira and trying to shift a cold

After being told I was coming off Humira, I had a call last week to tell me to take the next dose as my neutrophil count was just back within range. I took it on Saturday just gone.

I've had a cold for about three weeks and now have a raging sore throat to go with it. I've tried Lemsips for their decongestant powers but have to be careful because I'm already taking so much paracetamol to manage joint pain and Lemsip, and most of the other cold remedies, contain it, too.

Any advice for helping to shift it quicker? Crohn's is enough of a pain without throwing a cold and sore throat into the mix!
Hi EmmaLou:

It's been a few years since I lived in Britain (I was studying for my Masters), but I always turned to Ribena when I had a sore throat/cold. This was before I had my tonsils out, so it was always strep (have you gotten checked for it?), but I would dilute the Ribena with boiling water and that both soothed the sore throats and also gave me vitamin C. I hear the zinc lozenges work well at getting rid of colds, but I am not a big fan of lozenges so I haven't tried them. Have you spoken to your GP about the cold? Three weeks is a long time.

I hope you start to feel better soon.