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On period and have appointment

any of you go to your first appointment or have tests done with gastro doc while on period? I made an appointment today for thur, forgetting that ill be on my period and itll be early on my period too. i get bad cramps so itll be hard to say where my abdominal pain is. ugh its embarrassing, male doctor too


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I think you'll be fine. On the first appointment, the doc will likely ask your symptoms, ask your history, etc. And then they may do some tests, such as bloodwork, and/or send you home with a collection hat so that you can do stool samples, but they are unlikely to do anything invasive at your first appointment.

Don't be embarrassed. All my doctors are male, if they need to do anything even remotely invasive/anything involving disrobing, then they bring a female nurse into the room - they never do anything invasive without a female present. And doctors have seen it all, I assure you. I have a friend who works as a nursing assistant in a hospital, and he told me that he's now seen so many naked people that he actually finds it really nice when people are fully clothed. :p So don't worry too much, I think you'll do fine. Good luck on Thursday!
I have a male doctor as well.

Ive had to only explain once that I was on my period when I had a low iron levels. He actually asked me before I even gave him an answer.

Don't be embarrassed. You wouldn't be the first in their years of practice to be on your period.

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I too have a male GI. What test is it that you're looking to do? Most times you can wear a tampon and go through with the test. But, call your doctor's office to make sure.

I've been to see my doctors during my period for a normal checkup. But, if at all possible we try not to do a colonoscopy on me while bleeding because I flare at the same time. Usually a female nurse assists my doctor when doing a test and I'm under. Otherwise, my husband comes in with me if at all possible for regular checkups.