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On the fence

Hello, I was given the diagnosis of Crohn's after my hemoglobin dropped to 6.3 and after 2 colonoscopies and upper GI's which showed mild inflammation and sent out for second opinion with the same conclusion. I was set up for a Pill scan which finally showed bleeding ulcers in my very lower part of my small intestine. But all my lab work has come back normal except for a small wheat sensitivity. And I don't have any diarrhea or abdominal pain. I am to start the Humira soon as my insurance approves it. But I have been reading way to much of the bad reviews from patients who have taken it. I am afraid to take it. Am I in denial? maybe.

my little penguin

Staff member
You can have normal blood work and not have diarrhea and still have crohns
Ds was like that
He was dx at age 7
Started humira at age 9(had allergic reaction to remicade )
He was on humira for over 5 years
No issues
All scopes his intestine was nice pink and healthy
So much so they questioned crohns dx
He had to have surgery non crohns related and was
Switched to Stelara and scoped after 6 months
Yep mild crohns inflammation was found
So humira really did work for ds

They upped Stelara dose so hopefully all inflammation is gone

Good luck

my little penguin

Staff member
He had to stop humira due to surgery
When they went to restart humira again
It no longer worked at all for him
So they switched to Stelara

Once you stop a biologic you typically can’t restart it again since your body builds antibodies against the drug -so most of the time it’s no longer effective or you have an allergic reaction