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Oncologist visit update



Hi folks,

Well I went to the appt.. I learned this. Thus far I have no clear diagnosis. Not for Crohn's or Carcinoid tumor. This Dr. wants more tests and a diagnosis. He has ordered a blood test and I'm waiting for a call to have some SCAN done. My previous urine tests are indicators of Carcinoid but, as he put it there is no tumor. Also that the elevated levels Serotonin can be from something else.
I'm still taking Pentasa and I've been having pains lately. So now I'm just crossing my fingers.



I really hope you get some answers soon Steve, must be a nightmare for you! It's bad enough being ill, but the waiting around just makes it all the worse. Keep us posted..

Elaine x


Well if IBD can be ruled out than they are closer to diagnosing you accurately. Good luck Steve and just continue to be patient.


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I get sooo frustrated with the inability of{QUOTE} MEDICAL SCIENCE {UNQUOTE} to give a patient the 'right' diagnosis in a timely manner. Where is 'Bones' when you need him? When all else fails, rather than grabbing the next doctor I see and
giving him a garden hose enema cause I'm sick & tired of all of his 'shit', I simply calm down, collect myself, go some place quiet and remote, and then howl at the moon like a Klingon with a hangnail. Not that it helps strictly medically speaking, but I think each of us need a vent... I truly believe that if I kept it all bottled up w/o a vent, regardless of how ridiculous that venting may appear to be, that I'd be in worse shape. Now, I haven't patented this method, so feel free to use it...


sorry to hear you still have no answers, one way or another about this Steve. you must be extremely frustrated. one day at a time I guess, and eventually you will know. fingers crossed for you in the mean time.