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Only for the logical minded

Don't get mad. Remember that science knows a lot more than philosophy does. The reason why they put so many different reasons why you got sick out there is to boost everyone's self esteem, not just yours.

But really all these reasons were a factor. You were raised in a multi-culture country, a household that had parents with genetic disorders (my mom is Bipolar and my dad is depressive).

The reason why you got arthritis is because one of your parents (or both) had the genetic markers for arthritis.

The reason why you got 24/7 diarrhea is because you're not eating right and relying too much on medication.

The reason why you're depressed is because you're not feeling well.

The reason why you hate the world is because of all the medication you have to take.

The reason why you love life is because of the same reason.

These are all laws of evolution, but we forget when we're emotional.

These feelings you have can cause bipolar disorder if you're not careful, but remember; mind over matter works and so does science.

Just know how to balance both efficiently.

Make an emotional connection with someone with the same problems as you. And if you can't, be patient. You'll find the person you're suppose to be with in due time...

And don't be afraid to ask your doctor's questions. Because they can't read you at all since you put up a facade.
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Hey Sci-Fi

I'm not tremendously logical...as a matter of fact, I am def more in the "emotional" category. But my husband is a real Spock and he really helps balance out my emotions, especially when it comes to getting emotional about my health.

I don't agree with all of your statements above, but I do like your advice to make an emotional connection with someone with the same problems. This forum is a wonderful vehicle for just that and has helped many people who had felt very alone prior to finding us here at CF.

- Amy